1.Users can login to https://www.flow.zoimeet.com/ using Google work mail account.

2.There are two ways to connect to HubSpot from Flow By Zoi Meet Application:

Once the user is connected with the Google mail account and Hubspot account with us,we will track the events/meetings scheduled in the User google calendar that has Zoom meetings URL.

The user can create different workflows in the Home page of our application.

Our flow app assistant will join the zoom meeting along with the user and track the phrases mentioned by the user in his/her workflow.

These will be captured and those transcripts will be logged to the user as well as the meeting attendees’ Contact activity in Hubspot.

These are literally to automate the workflow and capture the voice for transcripts and adding to their meeting activity for future reference or quick review.


Automate your workflow by using your voice

Capture sharable meeting notes that matter

 Decide on voice phrases Flow needs to detect to capture important meeting moments.

Once your call is done, Flow will log your meeting, add the participants, and store the notes with the right contacts inside the HubSpot CRM.

Share information more efficiently

 Automatically share all your conversational notes within the HubSpot CRM.

All meetings are logged to your contact’s record timeline so you can easily look back at what was discussed to shorten sales cycles and close more deals.


Turn sales meetings into action

You can end every sales call with clear to-do’s by saying “let me summarize our next steps” and make sure all your to-do’s are instantly shared within your HubSpot account. 

So you keep focused on revenue opportunities

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