Inviting Zoi Meet through our online platform


Zoi Meet can join your Zoom calls directly by pasting the invitation link within the Zoi Meet Platform. This way you don't have to schedule the call through the calendar, but you can invite Zoi Meet within seconds to you active call.

How to invite Zoi Meet through the platform

1. Login to your account on

2. Click on the "Invite block" on the homepage of the platform

3. Enter your Meeting Title (under which your meeting is stored)

4. Paste the URL of your Zoom Meeting (invitation link)

5. Enter the Password of your Zoom Meeting
Password entry is mandatory for Free Zoom users - Pro users that did not set a password can just enter a "0" (zero) to continue.

6. Click on "Invite to meeting" button

6. Click on  "Admit" when Zoi Meet joins your meeting to capture the meeting


Where to find the Zoom Invite link (URL)

Once you started or joined a Zoom Call you can invite participants using a Zoom invite link. This link can be found at the bottom of your screen.

1. Within your call click on "Invite"
2. Within the appearing pop-up click on "Copy URL"

Example image:


Where to find the Zoom Password

Once you started or joined a Zoom Call you can find a password to join 

1. Within your call click on "Invite"
2. Within the appearing pop-up you will find a password on the right (see image below)

Example image:


How to Admit Zoi Meet into your meeting

Once you invited Zoi Meet to your Zoom Meeting, you will see this number "12029084678" appear in your participant list of people waiting to join. You will manually have to let Zoi Meet in due to new Zoom regulations. 

1. Click on participants within you active Zoom Meeting
2. Click on "Admit" to let Zoi Meet into your meeting

How to admit Zoi Meet into the meeting:


Zoi Meet is not joining the meeting....

It will take only few seconds (5 sec) for Zoi Meet to join your call, so please give it at least 30 sec to a minute, case this does not happen.

If Zoi Meet ends up not joining your call, please paste the link once more in the platform, and check the following:

1. Telefphone and Audio dial-in is enabled in your Zoom settings or the Zoom settings of the Host.

Setting in Zoom


2. Check with your host, or your own settings if hosting, if there is a password that you need to enter for Zoi Meet to join the call. - Update: since April 5, 2020, Zoom made the use of passwords mandatory

Setting in Zoom


What happens after the call?

After your call is done the transcript and insights will take some time to process. Depending on the length of your conference call it will take up to 20 minutes to process a 40 to 60 minute call, but usually it appears quicker. Please keep in mind to give it some time to process.

After your call is done, and your meeting has been processed, you will find your transcript and conversational insights within your archive.